Follow Her

An agent is assigned to follow Trudy Fenderson, a young woman who turns out to not be what she seems.

Follow Her was made for the 2019 Chicago 48 Hour Film Project. Over the weekend of August 23-25, it was written, filmed, edited, and scored in that time. 

The genres we were given were Silent Film and Suspense/Thriller. Other elements we had to include were a hat, a character with the name Trudy/Trevor Fenderson (who had to be a designer), and the line “I’m looking for a friend of mine.”I was lucky enough to work on film with a great cast and crew. I worked as Director of  Photography and Camera Operator

Reel Chicago describes Follow Her as “a black and white spy thriller carried to a goofy extreme.”

Follow Her awards include:
Semi-Finalist at the Couch Film Festival 
Official Selection at the Bensenville Short Film Festival
Winner of Best Musical Score and Audience Favorite (Group C) in the 2019 Chicago 48 Hour Film Project 

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